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Green Zoneplast
Solutions for Environmental Sustainability


Green Zoneplast™ was founded in August 2014 as an exclusive US agent for environmentally safe organic bags. Our manufacturer is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and established its bio-polymer business unit along with its research and development business in 2006. In 2011, these environmentally-safe bags were introduced into the market, then subsequently expanded to other countries prior to being introduced into the United States in 2014 through Green Zoneplast, LLC.

Green Zoneplast™ offers environmentally friendly organic bags that are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable with paper and digestible by animals. It looks, feels and functions just like plastic but it is NOT plastic. We serve all 50 United States, and Puerto Rico.


Green Zoneplast™ strives to be an innovative leader making significant contributions to the sustainability of our planet.

Our mission is to provide business with a vehicle to help further enhance our planet’s well-being. We believe awareness levels are being raised every day as to the consequences of ignoring our pollution problems. Our products are the means to vastly improve the situation.

We value our planet and our future. Our products are made from cassava starch, vegetable oil derivatives, and other Non-GMO plant materials. Our objective is to have a product that is safe for land, water, and wildlife from production to disposal.


Our manufacture production capability is currently 6,000 metric tons of products (equivalent to 1,200 - 40 foot containers) per year. One container can hold approximately 1/2 million bags. Capacity can be expanded to 30,000 metric tons per year as required. The manufacturing plant is 550,000 sqft, and is located in an 11-acre site.


1. Green Zoneplast™ is certified by National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and Women Business Enterprise Council (WBEC).

2. Our products are certified USDA BioBased per ASTM D6866.

" Saving the planet together, one step at a time! "