• When Monday, October 19, 2015
  • Where The San Diego Convention Center
    San Diego, CA
  • To Register nmsdcconference.com  

Green Zoneplast™ attends the NMSDC Business Opportunity Exchange in San Diego

Green Zoneplast™ will be represented at Booth #2414 in the one-day Business Opportunity Exchange launching the National Minority Supplier Development Council Conference.

The annual NMSDC event is the nation’s leading forum for minority supplier development. Green Zoneplast™ will be showcasing visionary environmentally-safe products as an alternative to using plastic bags.

They will be among displays of more than 700 top multinational companies, leading minority businesses, and international organizations.

Offering biodegradable, plant-based solutions to the growing problem of plastic pollution, Green Zoneplast™ is the US-based, exclusive agent for the Indonesian corporation ENVIPLAST®, a leading manufacturer of bio-based materials.

Their products range from all types of Bags – Grocery carry-out, Produce, Shopping, Pet Disposal, and Trash – to Toilet Seat Covers and Industrial Packaging. All are made from a unique formula composed of cassava starch, vegetable oil derivatives, and other organic non-GMO plant materials.

Each of these products will dissolve in nature in less than 90 days, can be recycled with paper, and can be digested harmlessly by wildlife on land and at sea.

Green Zoneplast™ anticipates that their presence at this business exchange will shift the conversation about plastic to earth-friendly solutions. Join them at Booth #2414 on October 19 and help to lead the change!

" Saving the planet together, one step at a time! "