Whether you’re a retailer or wholesaler proving your green savvy by providing non-plastic bags for your customers – Green Zoneplast™ bags are good for you, and for the planet!

Just look at the variety we offer…sizes are customizable to your needs, and bags may be imprinted with your company logo.


  T-Shirt Shopping Bags

These classic-style sacks come in three sizes, ready for the grocery, restaurant or carry-out, or other retail establishment. Easy-carry handles may be tied shut for greater security.

  Grip-Hole Shopping Bags

Grip holes fit all hands while keeping the contents of the bag private. These bags come in three sizes, great for carrying small items, clothes, shoes, conference swag, and more.

  Produce Bags

These thin film bags are great for holding fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, and better for storing them at home. Since they contain no plastic, moisture can evaporate through these bags keeping the contents fresher for a longer time. Rolls fit standard Produce Bag holders.


  Trash Bags

Comes in all sizes, from kitchen trash bags, to office waste-basket bags, to jumbo-sized yard bags. Kitchen waste can be bagged and dropped in the compost – bag and all! Great for camping trips !

  Pet Waste Bags

Help your customers keep their conscience clear while walking Fido or scooping Fluffy’s litterbox – these bags will biodegrade along with their pet’s waste. Just flush the bag, waste and all, in the toilet; the bacteria and water will dissolve the bag completely.


  Clothing Bags

So many sizes, so many uses for these bags: they protect dry-cleaned articles, contain personal effects at the hospital or rehab center; or keep suits and dresses under wraps while you travel. After use, customers can recycle them with paper or compost them.

  Toilet Seat Covers

Camping out or traveling abroad, toilet seat covers can be a rare luxury. Help your customers to come prepared with these eco-friendly protectors; when flushed, they biodegrade; when buried in a latrine, they’ll decompose.


  Anti-Static Wrapping

For products that require anti-static wrapping or bagging, these have static dissipative properties making them perfect for any electronic-type components.

  Raw material - Resin (pellet)

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